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If you are a member of the Linked In professional network, please take a moment to visit our Linked In full profile page for references:

CurtCo Engineering is primarily a builder of low cost automation.

We also specialize in quick turn fixtures, small lot machining, and developing manufacturing processes.

CurtCo Engineering is fast becoming the preferred "go to" resource by many local Manufacturing and Design Engineers.

We exist to support Engineers and Operations professionals in fulfilling real world design and manufacturing requirements, and many of them choose to use CurtCo Engineering to confidently achieve all types of solutions quickly and within budget.

We understand timelines, budget constraints, and ownership of deliverables. 

Why spend valuable time seeking out resources when we can provide a one stop solution?

CurtCo Engineering has created a solid, capable and dependable network of professional resources based on 30 years in the local New England area with large and small scale manufacturing experience.

All partner companies, when utilized, are well established in their specialties and have been selected because they are proven performers, and they also commit to the highest level of service.

Our singular goal is to provide our customers with the best experience of dependable project fulfillment.

We work directly for the people responsible for getting a job done - period.

Our commitment is our strongest quality. We will not be successful unless you are.               CurtCo Engineering understands the trust required to sign up and depend on a vendor.

Our greatest success has been the repeat business we have achieved from our customers.

Let us help you feel confident about getting the job done.

On Time.   Meeting all specifications.   At the right price.

Thank you for your interest in CurtCo Engineering, and we look forward to working with you.

Curt Arata 

CurtCo Engineering 978 528-5553     carata@CurtCoEng.com

Proud Supporting Member of Chive Charities