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A small sampling showing the scope of our work

Low Cost Custom Automation is our Specialty

Gel Dispensing Machine - Medical Disposable - EEG Electrodes

Completely Documented in SolidWorks and Fully Validated Performance - Outstanding CPK

Still in use - over 1 million cycles

IPX Drip Test Fixture - For Medical Device Product Development

Custom Enclosure - Test Box
Designed in SolidWorks

Modified Enclosure - Test Box
Designed in SolidWorks

Ear Clamp Designed In As Strain Relief - Simple But Very Effective

Vacuum Formed Case for Ruggedized Battery Pack

Close Tolerance Machined Cable End

Complex Assembly with Machined Parts

CurtCo Engineering     978 528-5553     carata@CurtCoEng.com

Proud Supporting Member of Chive Charities