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Welcome to CurtCo Engineering. Thank you for visiting our Internet site.

               We Provide Manufacturing Support Services in the New England Region

Consisting of:              

  • Low Cost Custom Automation
  • Small Lot Machining
  • Manufacturing Engineering Assistance
  • Plastic Part Development Assistance
  • New Product and Pilot Production Process Assistance
  • Modification of Existing Equipment

CurtCo Engineering provides Manufacturing Support Services for large and small scale requirements.

We have assisted many local start up entrepreneurs in developing their products and bringing them to market.

We also have been recognized as instrumental in assisting larger companies by providing process solutions for their Mission Critical objectives.

If you are a manufacturing engineer, design engineer, operations or manufacturing manager, and have a need for creating a solution or producing a deliverable we would like to help.

Our experience in start-ups, pilot production, and full production environments spans 30 years in our local New England area.

CurtCo Engineering's primary capability is low cost, quick turn solutions for enabling a manufacturing process to move forward.

Small lot machining, prototype quantities, building special purpose machines and fixtures are what we do best.

Process and product development is also a area of expertise, and we have fostered partnerships with the best local vendors to create a network of proven performers over the past 30 years.

Plastic part introduction, from design through assembly, has been part of our capabilities for years, resulting in partnership with the regions finest toolmakers and molding operations. Medical Device products have been the largest part of our product development portfolio.

Our commitment to dependable service is the core marketing tool of our business. We will not accept a job unless we are absolutely confident we can guarantee fulfillment.

In-house resources include:

SolidWorks for all documentation requirements.                                                                  3 axis CNC machining with direct .dxf file conversion. (2007 Trak SMX Bed Mill)                  All standard fabrication shop equipment (Lathe, Drill Press,Precision Table Saw etc.)      Small part vacuum forming (15" x 10 1/4" forming area)

From minimal fabrication of a mock-up prototype, to full turnkey documented and validated machines for medical device production, we have the experience to help you get the job done.

Existing equipment can be modified, and existing tooling and or fixturing can also be revised to enable you to speed up the development process significantly.

If you are searching for a company that understands compliance with the framework of Design Control, Workmanship Standards, Quality System Requirements and other regulatory controls, you have found us.

As a small machine builder, we can design, fabricate, test, and document your requirement for much less than the larger design / build firms.

We can tailor a statement of work to include exactly the deliverables you need to fulfill your requirements. It will include a due date, and the payment terms agreed on.

Imagine having a specialty machine model shop available on demand for exactly what you need, and that is what CurtCo Engineering strives to be for it's customers.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Curt Arata

CurtCo Engineering 978 528-5553   carata@CurtCoEng.com

Proud Supporting Member of Chive Charities